Global Climbing Day | BKB Chicago & FA Block 37

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August 24, 2019

Credit: The North Face

As a part of The North Face’s program, “Walls Are Meant For Climbing”, they partnered with gyms around the world for Global Climbing Day on August 24 in order to create inclusive climbing opportunities by lowering barriers to entry. Sending In Color celebrated the day by hosting two back-to-back hangouts at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago and First Ascent Block 37! 

We believe the biggest barriers climbing are cultural, geographic, and economic: either you feel like you wouldn’t fit in with other climbers, don’t have convenient access to climbing, or can’t afford climbing gear or membership fees. By partnering with BKB, First Ascent, and The North Face for Global Climbing Day, we created a way to bypass two of those barriers: cultural and economic. Day-passes were free and our community had a blast climbing with old and new climbers alike.

We’re proud to see major brands in the outdoor industry and our local climbing gyms challenging the system and finding creative ways to mitigate the barriers that many existing and potential climbers face.

We’ll see you next year…or maybe sooner!


Photo credit: Trevor Riley


Photo credit: Trevor Riley

Photo credit: Christine Antonio

Written by: Trevor Riley
Edited by: Christine Antonio